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Thomas Hedlund LMFT

Sober Coaching, Consulting for treatment selection and recovery guidance

Sober Coaching and Consulting are not forms of therapy.  Whereas Tom’s 35 years experience melds and informs his work in guiding people through the challenges of recovery at all stages.  Tom sees his role as more that of a coach, inspirational motivator and someone with a deep understanding and compassion  for the challenges that individuals face not only from the damage of Addiction but also from the residue and latent beliefs and behaviors that have been learned along the way.

A great deal  must change for one to attain sobriety and considerably more must be accomplished if one wants to also have a free, authentic and full  life.  Most sober coaching is done in phone sessions which can vary according to a person’s or families needs over time.  Family meetings and workshops sometimes are essential to bring everyone together to speak freely, understand new tasks they are facing and put the past into the past by resoving old resentments  and caretaking behaviors.

Tom ‘s work in the area has had profound success in helping individuals and families attain levels of health and happy function that is lasting  and fruitful.

References can be supplied on request within the guidelines and agreements of confidentiality.

"Indecent Exposure"

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