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Thomas Hedlund LMFT

Previous Professional Trainings of Thomas Hedlund:

American Indian Training Institute
Alcohol School, Albuquerque,N.M
Central Calif. Conference, Sacramento, CA.

Association of Intervention Specialists Conference Sober Living by the Sea, Newport Beach, Ca.

Betty Ford Treatment Center,Palm Desert, CA

Azure Acres Treatment Center, Sebastopol, CA

BelStead House, Inner Child Development Seminars, , Ipswitch, Suffolk, UK

Betty Ford Treatment / Intercare,
New York, NY.

Calif. Conference on Problems Related to Alcohol, Yosemite, CA.

California Peer Support Association / Corona Police Department, CA.

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Thomas Hedlund has been presenting professional trainings and educational workshops for the public for the past thirty years. As a psychotherapist and addictions educator with a lengthy affiliation with John Bradshaw and the recovery field, Tom's expertise is treating compulsive and addictive behavior as well understanding the effects of traumatic events on personality development and its impacts on adult function.

Tom's talent as a teacher includes an extraordinary grasp of technical knowledge on abuse and addiction combined with his remarkable ability to make it understandable,. practical and personally relevant, His great knowledge and skill in teaching about what creates and dissolves our resistance to change offers participants both clarity, hope and direction.

In his trainings, Tom integrates his personal experience as a recovering therapist with his broad knowledge of ground breaking new science and theories behind attachment, addictive, compulsive, and self destructive behavior. His extensive background as an individual, couples and group therapist, family systems consultant, trainer and interventionist give him a wide variety of life experience to draw from in his presentations. His commitment to his own recovery combined with his sense of humor and compassion make his trainings highly informative, personal and entertaining,


"When I have a question about the neuroscience behind shame, trauma or addiction, Tom is the first person I think about asking for an answer."......
“Tom is one of the select group of therapists who thoroughly understands the dynamics of emotional healing. I consider him to be one of the most skilled and compassionate therapists I know.”

John Bradshaw, Emmy nominated talk show host,
3 time New York Times best selling author

"Tom's ability to blend cutting-edge science and the dynamics of emotional healing in a clear and comprehensive manner have made a profound effect on our workshop participants. I recommend his training's to healers, counselors, and everyone seeking personal growth."

Michelle Toth
Director of Training
American Indian Training Institute. Inc.
Sacramento, California.

“Tom is a master therapist. He is warm, insightful, and has exceptional skill in original pain work.”

Kip Flock, JBC. Clinical Director


New Mexico Training
31st Annual Native American Indian Training Institute Alcohol School
Albuquerque, New Mexico April 6,7/2009

topics to be announced

Employee Assistance Training
Corporate Counseling Associates, New York Times, New York
Santa Rosa Press Democrat Newspaper, Santa Rosa, CA

Raising a Child in a Diverse World
October 21,2008 Santa Rosa, CA

Maintaining Balance While Embracing Change
October 14, 2008 Santa Rosa, CA

The Environmentally Conscious Employee
September 30,2008 Santa Rosa, CA

Maintaining Balance While Embracing Change
September 9, 2008 Santa Rosa, CA

New Mexico Training
30th Annual American Indian Training Institute Alcohol School
Albuquerque, New Mexico April 2007
Addictions Dark Secret / Addiction as Attachment Disorder

On Common Ground Part Two: Where Science Meets Ritual & Tradition
with Don Beaucauge, Ojibway Tribal Affiliation

American Indian Training Institute, Sacramento
University of New Mexico Sponsorship, March 26-30,2007
Five Day Training Basic Counseling Skills for Substance Abuse Counselors

Sacramento Professional Luncheon
CRC National Addiction Rehabilitation Corporation
Sacramento, CA. March 23, 2007
Demystifying Addiction: Addiction As Attachment Disorder

Redwood Empire Association of Marriage Family Counselors
Oddfellows Hall, Santa Rosa, CA March 9,2007
Addiction As Attachment Disorder

The Meadows Alumni Evening, The Meadows, Wickenburg, CA
Fort Mason San Francisco February 8, 2007
Creating Self Mastery in Recovery

Reducing Reactivity and Developing Emotional Competence

State of California Department of Corrections
San Quentin Prison Inmate Leadership Training, December 12,2006
Addiction as Attachment Disorder / Creating Redevelopment

Drug Abuse Alternatives Center: Demystifying Addiction
UCLA Addiction Technology Transfer Center, Santa Rosa, CA September 12,2006
The Methampetamine Epidemic / Demystifying Addiction

American Indian Traning Institute, Sacramento, CA
Regional Five Day Conference, April 24-29, 2006
The Impacts of Multigenerational Trauma and
Alcoholism on Indian Family and Culture.

University of San Francisco Extension Program, Santa Rosa, CA
Professional Presentation: April 21, 2006
Emerging Understandings on the Neuroscience of Affect and Spirituality

New Mexico Training, American Indian Training Institute
Annual Alcohol School, Albuquerque,New Mexico March 9,10/2006
The Alchemy of Transformation: Understanding the Hijacked Brain

On Common Ground: Where Science Meets with Ritual and Tradition
with Don Beaucauge, Ojibway Tribal Affiliation

United Kingdom Professional Training
Inner Child Development Workshops, Exeter, UK

Australian Profession Intervention Training
South Pacific Private Hospital, Melbourne, Australia November 19,20/2005
Intervention Workshop: The Evolution of Intervention

Australian Professional Addiction Conference
South Pacific Private Hospital, Sidney, Australia November 12,13/2005
Demystifying Addiction: Understanding the Hijacked Brain

Addiction's Dark Secret: Recognizing and Healing Shame

Intimacy and Self Mastery In Recovery:
Reducing Reactivity and Developing Emotional Competence

United Kingdom Group Therapy Intensive
Inner Child Development Workshops, Exeter, UK October 16,17,18/2005
Three day intensive experiential therapy

United Kingdom Experiential Professional Training
Inner Child Development Workshops, Exeter, UK October 9-13/2005
Five Day Inner Child Work Experiential Group Training

California Training, Drug Abuse Alternatives Benefit
Santa Rosa, Ca. Intervention and Addiction Training September 15,16/2005
Public Lecture, Evening

Professional Training: Demystifying Addiction / Evolution of Intervention
Thomas Hedlund's recent workshops and speeches have included all of the following topics.

Alcohol's Impacts on the Family

Coping with Trauma, Personal and Professional

Healthy versus Normal Communication

Indecent Exposure: The Hijacked Brain's Quest for Wholeness

Introduction to Affect Regulation and Addiction

Overcoming Roadblocks to Intimacy and Recovery

Roadblocks to Recovery

Shame as the Core of Compulsive Behavior

The Neurobiology of Addiction

The Neurobiology of Trauma and Shame

The New Brain Science of Addiction, Trauma and Shame

Working With Shame
"Indecent Exposure"

A four part lecture series on DVD by Thomas Hedlund, LMFT
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