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Family System Interventions and Family Business Consulting

Family businesses have their own unique concerns and issues. How they deal with these will determine whether they get stuck in repetitive unhealthy cycles or optimize both the health of the business and the individuals in it. When these families have members who are stuck in chronic compulsive, addictive or self destructive behavior they end up following a predictable yet destructive path that effects not only the business but also all the family members in it. Knowledgeable and skilled consultation and facilitation can help bring an end to the frustration, pain and ineffectiveness inevitably caused by these behaviors.

The Systemic Intervention Model addresses  these as a whole family problem with unique growth tasks and challenges for each member.  Because this model does not involve surprise, but rather is an open, safe and respectful workshop giving each member a chance to make breakthrough understandings and gain insight into their own opportunities to change their behavior that does not depend on other members agreement or participation, this approach offers both the individual and the family great opportunities for self motivated change that will greatly enhance their function within the group.

Most often the Family Business Systemic Intervention  requires follow up consulting to guide the various motivated members into healthier patterns of living and relating.

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