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Intervention Workshops for Entire Families

It is well known that alcoholism, addicition and other compulsive behaviors afftect the entire family.  In fact they effect the development of the children and restrict the adult choices we have in life when it comes to stressful stituations.

Addressing the entire families needs reduces the focus and shaming effects on the identified addict but also gives all other members of the family to have a choice and voice in the changes that they want for themselves.

Systemic Family or  Business intervention  is the most honest and straightforward respectful means to address the problems  in the group without blaming the addict for everything that has gone wrong.

Once a team has been agreed upon, a member is chosen to notify the addict in advance  of the upcoming two day workshop.  This is usually done with at least one weeks notice so that the person of concern can work through their own defenses, denial and hope for change.

 Unlike surprise models of intervention, the success or failure of this method is not immediately dependent on the addicts agreement to enter treatment.  Prospects for change are addressed for each member which has a cumulative effective of putting subconscious pressure on the addict to realize that the family is moving on and things will no longer be as they have been in the past

Appropriate Treatment recommendations are made for each family member and diagnostic tools are used to help each member see how they have been effected by addiction, both in the past and in the present.  With these new insights effective choices for change can me made.


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